When I started the BLM challenge, I was recovering from an injury. I kept it together on the outside but behind close doors, I was sad and depressed. This program not only gave me sound nutritional advice, it also re-introduced me to various exercises and classes that have helped me with my weight release goals towards a shinier and healthy body. It also gave me a safe place to express my concerns and feelings with a great group of caring and very supportive women. This class has taught me it doesn’t matter where you start. The point is that YOU START!! I have become a more positive and optimistic person and I realized that Life Happens and it isn’t about what has happened to you but how you deal with it and the lessons that you learn. I gave myself three goals: To walk normally, to lower my cholesterol levels and to feel comfortable in a two piece bathing suit. I am very happy to say I have completed my intended goals! The BLM challenge has changed my attitude to happy and excited about my new glorious future. Anything is possible, if you believe it is!!
Lisa Couch  most recent "Body & Life Makeover
Challenge" Grand Prize Winner

Lisa Couch
12 inches/ 6 lbs. Released!
Rossana Rojas 
Former "Body & Life Makeover
Challenge" Grand Prize Winner... WOW!

“For the last 3 years of my life, I’ve had very little self-esteem. Since I’vestarted this class, I feel very good about myself (mind, body, & soulaltogether). This class has not only helped me, but has also helped my wholefamily, because when I’m feeling better & happy, everyone around me feels
better. When I enjoy my life, my family does the same with me! Aristotleonce said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”. This class hashelped me to re-discover myself. I learned how powerful I can be & that
motivation lies within me. It is not an external force, but rather comes frominside. If we don’t fix our internal battles first then we are not ready to moveforward to a healthier body. This class has helped me focus on one very
important principle that we are one body, mind & soul. If we focus only onone aspect, (I was focusing too much on my body, neglecting the other two),we cannot reach our goals. It has helped me to focus on good feelings, &thrive for peace of mind. As a result, week by week, my body got healthier &
leaner, & my inner self got stronger. Now, I feel better mentally, I feel moreenergized to exercise. I feel motivated to spend my time in quality activitiesthat make me a better person overall. I have gained back the confidence in
the “physically active me”! I rejoice when people I know tell me I look good,little do they know that this journey has been actually a lot of FUN! I haveenjoyed every class. The different exercise routines, the sharing, all themental training methods (most new to me), the very interesting guestspeakers. I have enjoyed learning all of it! My husband & I are using the visualization techniques that I learned in The Secret on a daily basis, & the law of attraction is working in our favor! This class has given me themotivation & the tools to find my inner strength. Thank you for helping me to “claim my power to be a Divine Individual Vitally Alive!”
Carol Venus-
Released 26 pounds and 18 inches!

Shana’s Body & Life MakeOver Challenge savedmy life! I was heading for a heart attack or strokethe way I was treating my body!
Shana gave me surprisingly EASY tools to get
healthy physically, mentally and spiritually!
Thank you Shana!
Diva Choice Winner! Released 26 lbs. & 19
inches; Gained 18 lbs of lean muscle

So what has the BLM challenge taught me... I've learned on a deep level that it IS the journey, not the destination. It is the PROCESS of changing and not just the prize at the end that is most important. It isthe journey of GAINING OF WHO WE ARE and integrating 
THAT into our lives, so when we achieve our goal at the end of the journey, we can stand and realized that the goal WAS THE JOURNEY. My goal to"reclaim my body" has really been a journey of discovering myself-love, my worth, my inner beautiful & sexy woman!!!
Laura McCarter- 
Released 18 3/4 inches and 15 lbs

When I first decided to take the BLM, I was at my wits end, unhappy with physical appearance and not in a good place mentally. I realized now when you are unhappy with yourself, the negativity and low self esteem effect everything. I knew I wanted to change my outlook in life but didn't realize to change the outer image you first needed to change the inner image. I needed the guidance and support both of which your class provided. As the weeks past, I found I was not only losing weight, I was gaining insight, courage, and 
most of all confidence in the person I was becoming. 
All of a sudden I felt pretty again and sexy. My family was noticing the differences also, and that was huge! 
I was now portraying the kind of person I wanted torepresent to my children; strong, happy, healthy, loving and most of all, self confident. I want my kids to realize there are no limitation in life except for the ones that you put upon yourself. I want to continue to better myself mind, body and soul and I will because of your awesome program!
Shannon Pineda-
Released 20 pounds and 19 inches

Three months ago I was in a very low place in my life, stressed out in every facet of my life. I was a single mom, with a daughter who had a high cholesterol problem. Her father has a family history of diabetes and I knew we had to change our life around. It's hard being a single mom, working an 8 hour job, come home, and put on my parent hat... you tend to lose yourself. My sister persuaded me to take the class and I thought I really needed to take
care of myself so that I could take care of my daughter. I am so thankful that I took this class! I feel better on the inside and the outside. I feel like Shana has shown me the path that I had not been able to find on my own. With each week I learned a little more about myself and how much I had in common with all the divas. I now have the tools to reach my goals. Thank you for introducing me to myself. I like who I am now. Because of this class, I know the sun will come out tomorrow.  
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