"Divine Individual Vitally Alive"

She looks at herself in the mirror,
Wondering whatever is it that she'll see?
A woman afraid, a woman intrigued,
On the path to discovery.

She questions her reasons for living,
She ponders her life as it is.
She seeks definitive answers,
Of what and who this woman is.

Endeavoring to change for the better,
Bringing meaning back into her life.
She reaches down deep, for the power within,
Releasing all of her stresses and strife.

Not just fitness and healthy nutrition,
Will make her whole and complete,
Add those affirmations and visualizations,
To make the whole self stand up on its feet.

Through the tears that are shed,
And the sweat that is poured,
The lessons learned are to many to name.
She's attained a new glow and aura of light,
She's become a new spirit aflame.

She's gone the distance,
Reached the goals she strives,
And just who is this woman,
 you say?
A creature of nature, beauty ebbing like the tide,
The only way to describe,
 A Divine Individual Vitally Alive!

Poem by Diva Bonnie Boe
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